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RV Jail Is Horrible 

Imagine this: You've pulled your RV for the last 2 hours, finally finding that ideal camping spot. You settle in, disconnect everything, and plug-in the power. Everything is set for a blissful week-long camping adventure. You ascend those sturdy RV steps, confidently hit the slide-out switch...and then, all you hear are ominous clicks. The slide refuses to budge. That's when RVing fails. At least 2 hours away from home, and your much-anticipated vacation hangs in the balance.

And that's just the start of the ordeal. Here's a harsh reality: on average, RV repairs take a staggering 41 days (that's what we call RV JAIL). So, it's not just about a spoiled vacation – you could be without your RV for over a month! At Bish's RV, we find that simply unacceptable. Merely making small improvements isn't our style. Our aim? Provide same-day repairs with minimal hassle for the RV owner. 

Building a Solution:


How Do I Get BishFix Service? 

Let’s break out of Service Jail together! We are working with our customers to develop a DIFFERENT model for getting your RV FIXED, and fixed FAST! We've eliminated the process of bringing in your RV to the dealership just to be diagnosed and sit, stuck waiting on parts or warranty. If your interested in being part of our ambition. Submit to join our BishFix Builders Club. We plan to give these RVers the first opportunity to fix their RV through this new process. 

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How much does the BishFix service currently cost? 

The cost to use BishFix is the same as if you took your RV into the repair shop. There are no added fees or costs for using the BishFix service. 

Customers are responsible to cover the cost of their repairs, including but not limited to parts cost, labor fees, taxes, shipping costs, etc.

Is BishFix available to use today? 

BishFix is rapidly expanding into new markets. Currently we are in a few markets around the country. We are building out, testing, and improving our process. 


We are actively looking for RVers who want to be apart of our ambition to revolutionize RV repair. If you are interested - please fill out the form above!

What is the difference between the Bish's RV Service Department and BishFix? 

The Bish's RV Service Department is a traditional service facility where customers bring in their RVs to have their RV repaired. 


BishFix is an innovate approach to RV service. Our ambition is to rapidly repair your RV and keep your RV out of Service Jail. 

Will I be talking to a real person when I call BishFix?

Yes! We have a dedicated staff answering the phone calls coming in.

What is the fee to be part of the BishFix Builder's Club?  

There are no additional fees involved to be part of the BishFix Builder's Club. 

Customers are responsible to cover the cost of their repairs, including but not limited to parts cost, labor fees, taxes, shipping costs, etc.

*There is no guarantee your service area will be available for BishFix or that you'll be chosen if BishFix comes to your area. Warranty repair data is from IDS RECT Reporting based on year-over-year data averages pulled nationwide.