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Why Should You Join The BishFix Waiting List? 

If you currently own an RV you might have experienced the service process.

You call the dealership, they’ll ask you to make the long trek to the service center to drop off your RV. You wait for the camper to be looked at, wait for the problem to be diagnosed, wait for authorizations, wait for warranty approval, wait for parts, wait for service. . .

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. 

This process is broken, miserable, and frustrating. Plus, think of all the camping trips and plans you've had to cancel because your RV was stuck in service. 

BishFix is changing the RV service game! We're speeding up the process by giving you a direct line to a Master Certified RV Service Technician so you can call when the issue happens, wherever you are with your RV.

The Technician can help diagnose the RV repair issues, troubleshoot, and help with quick, easy fixes over the video call. If parts or warranty are needed, they immediately start the process of ordering and submitting warranty claims...we work while you keep playing! Once all authorizations and parts have been received, we setup an appointment for your RV to be brought in with our goal of getting it back to you in under 3 days once it arrives at our shop.

If this sounds like a better service repair process...fill out the form to join our BishFix Waiting List!

Building a Solution:


Alongside our customers, Bish's RV was fed up with this wrecked-RV service system. So we tore it down and built something WAY better! We worked with our customers to develop a DIFFERENT model for getting your RV fixed, and fixed faster!

For over 2 years, we've been building this process behind-the-scenes, and in 2023, we started beta testing it across the country in many of our Bish's RV locations. We've eliminated the process of bringing in your RV to the dealership just to be diagnosed and sit, stuck waiting on parts or warranty. We've also sped up the processing time for warranty approvals and ordering parts. The RV only arrives to a service center once all authorizations and parts have been received. Our goal is to only have your RV for 3 days to complete final repairs.   

Today, BishFix is now operating in all Bish's RV locations.


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*Once a Waiting List Form is submitted, the person who submitted the form is placed within the BishFix Waiting List for non-Diamond Club members. A Diamond Club membership is given to a customer after they have purchase a new or used RV from any Bish's RV location. BishFix is part of the Bish's RV Diamond Club membership. Once non-Diamond Club memberships are available for the BishFix service, an email will be sent out to the waiting list contacts. Bish's RV cannot control if a contact unsubscribes from the Bish's RV email or contact lists, if a customer's email changes or becomes invalid, and is not responsible if a contact does not receive the email alert. Bish's RV does not sell customer contact information to private parties. Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details.